Stanislav Antonov

Software & Electronics Engineer


Prague, CZ


+420 778 039 145


Briefly and essentially.

Multidisciplinary engineer with a comprehensive experience in software development and electronics engineering fields. Passionate about creating useful products that benefit the world, and here my engineering skills serve as a good instrument.

Co-founder, mastermind and hardware/software engineer for the Sensory Ninja IoT platform.

Sports enthusiast: I do amateur boxing and cycling.

Purposeful, balanced, straightforward.


As a software engineer.

Distributed computing

System design, architecture elaboration, components interaction mechanisms. Functional implementation. Cluster scalability, high loads survival, high availability, fault tolerance.


Data engineering

Big data processing and statistical analysis. Time series data processing for trending and forecasting. Data feature engineering to apply ML models.


Data storages

RDBMS-based and key-value data storages design, concurrent data access optimization, performance optimization. Big data storages design.


Embedded development

Embedded devices programming. Development of microcontroller firmware for critical real-time applications. FPGA configurations development.



General purpose back-end REST API applications development using popular Spring and .NET frameworks. Building consistent front-end UI applications with React JS.


CI/CD, containerization

Continuous integration/delivery establishment, builds/deployments automation. Applications containerization with Docker and their orchestration with Swarm. Services health monitoring.


Some of those that I have been using in practice.









Postgre SQL




MS SQL Server


React JS






Since 2004. Here are just a few recent jobs.
2021 – present

Absa Group Limited

Senior Software Engineer

Prague, CZ

The Fraud Detection Platform is a product I have been involved at the bank. In brief, the platform empowers the collection of various data across the bank in order to eventually provide scoring and alerting about potentially fraudulent activities.

The platform constitutes a variety of components and allows the engineer to employ a fairly broad range of skills. As regards my contribution, I've come across most of the platform's components, taking a different part on the development. Things worth mentioning include big data processing, statistical models elaboration, user interfaces design and implementation, microservices development and architecture design.

2019 – 2021

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Senior Software Engineer

Prague, CZ

The product I worked on there is Polarion, mainly designated for Application Management Lifecycle (ALM) purposes. The product is very feature-rich, therefore a development is naturally complicated and requires persistence and problem-solving skills. Though, there have been some notable successes achieved.

The first thing worth mentioning is that the product was successfully integrated with third-party electronic circuit verification processes, that required it to be able to handle fairly large data when imported.

Another challenging and long playing part was to move the product to support a newer version of Java, which had a lot of breaking changes — this was not that easy thing for such a huge codebase.

The last one there is the most interesting, and addresses a new functionality of instant notifications, that was developed and introduced to the product. The purpose of that was to facilitate the users on concurrent work with documents by providing for any open document a list of active users along with their statuses.

2017 – 2018

Actum Digital

Senior Software Engineer

Prague, CZ

Working for an outsource company has a particular specific, and is almost always dynamic. Among various clients of Actum Digital, I cooperated with NPower (UK) and Innogy (Germany) energy companies in a form of participation in their Web-portals development.

For the NPower portal, a migration was made to a newer version of the framework, involving all the nesccessary operations: codebase adjustment and database structure update. It was also demanded to establish continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes to enable automated deployments of the entire portal codebase. This has been successfully implemented in Azure.

As for the Innogy, it is worth to mention my engagement in establishing of the full-text search functionality across thier portal. This was mostly about to organize an effective data collection and processing to ingest it further into the full-text search engine.

2016 – 2017


Senior Software Engineer

Moscow, RU

When it comes to bringing in automation of business and industrial processes for an extensively growing food delivery franchise, quite challenging problems might arise. Dodo franchise has specific requirements that make a development of their Dodo Information System (Dodo IS) interesting: 24/7 high availability, business critical high fault tolerance, thousands client orders per second to be served in peaks. All these caused a need to have a distributed scalable cluster, capable to handle high loads, provide a high availability and fault tolerance.

Dealing with high loaded systems, it often makes sense to develop and maintain a set of highly optimized components. For the Dodo IS, I was involved in development of crucial components such as a scalable message broker and optimized REST client library. In terms of high availability, I worked on a deployment system, intended to enable seamless deployments of any Dodo IS components in a cluster at any moment.

2013 – 2016


Senior Software Engineer, Database Engineer

Moscow, RU

Insurance is characterized by a many of business processes, and every modern insurance company strives to have these well automated. To help with that, a company needs to be equipped with a set of applications, available both as for customers, as for employees, that would reflect the processes and provide an effective way to manage them. Almost all such applications are expected to work with sensitive user data, so a company needs a reliable and secure infrastructure.

This is what I mainly did in AIG insurance company, leading a small engineering team. Our responsibilities included data statistical analysis, complex reporting, administration and maintenance of database servers. In addition, we were involved into applications development, gathering the requirements from in-house insurance specialists and implementing them as desired features.

It is worth noting the continuous customers monitoring system built by us from scratch . In order to ensure all of the company’s customers are legally entitled for a particular insurance product or service, the monitoring system was supposed to continuously collect and process the customer data, to eventually conclude the customer can be served.


2000 – 2006

Volgograd State Technical University

Technology, equipment and automation of mechanical engineering, Master's degree

Volgograd, Russia

Despite the fact I have never worked in a direct specialty, nevertheless I was endowed there with a solid versatile engineering background, that helps a lot. Ability to solve a variety of engineering tasks, critical mindset and practicism, prone to simple, robust and reliable solutions, tenacity with ending up of things — all those largely are credits to my education.




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